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Dr. Leena Kulkarni,
Assistant Professor, NSOMASA

Dr. Leena Kulkarni, an academic luminary whose passion for statistics has illuminated the corridors of academia for over two decades. As an Assistant Professor Dr. Kulkarni's expertise in statistical analysis has made her an invaluable asset to the institution since September 2010. Beyond her primary role, she extends her knowledge as a visiting faculty at Garware Institute, Mumbai University, enriching the academic landscape with her insights. With a rich academic history that includes instructing and evaluating MBA courses for IGNOU, Mumbai, and tenure at Sathaye College, Mumbai, Dr. Kulkarni's teaching prowess is matched only by her extensive research experience spanning over a decade. Dive into the world of statistics with Dr. Kulkarni, where every data point tells a story waiting to be discovered.

About NMIMS Deemed to be

About NMIMS Deemed to be University

NMIMS has been at the forefront of creating innovations & responding to the market changes much more than any other institution in the country. Started as a management school in 1981, NMIMS has been devoted to excellence in education and research, and creating leaders who are socially sensitive & responsive to the environment and can make a difference globally. Based on institution's performance and contribution to industry & management education, NMIMS was conferred the Deemed University status in 2003 by Government of India. Since then, institution has put its footmark in several other disciplines like Engineering, Science and Technology, Management, Commerce, Architecture, Law, Economics,

Pharmacy, Aviation, Design, Performing Arts, Liberal Arts, Hospitality Management, Mathematical Science, Branding and Advertising, Agricultural Sciences and much more.All NMIMS schools have state-of-the-art infrastructure which is ever expanding. NMIMS challenges norms by putting theory into practice, reflects on ideas through the prism of experience by logical & innovative thinking by pushing the boundaries & beating the limitations through innovation, student development, faculty, research, social corporate & global connect.

About School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics & Analytics

School’s Vision, Mission

To create learned, versatile and confident mathematicians, applied statisticians, data analysts and Artificial Intelligence practitioners who are employable and who have developed a love for Mathematics and Statistics and its innumerable areas of application in real world.

We are a new School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics & Analytics with a mission to teach Mathematics and Statistics in their purest form along with disciplines’ new age derivatives encompassing a host of enabling technologies such as use of computers, animations, data visualizations simulations and other tools to make the learning of mathematics and statistics exciting.