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School’s Vision, Mission

To create learned, versatile and confident mathematicians who are employable and who have developed a love for mathematics.

About Us:

We are a new School of Mathematical Sciences with a mission to teach mathematics as a language using some of the finest teachers and extensive use of computers, animations, simulations and other tools to make mathematics exciting

Dean’s Message:

We invite young lovers of mathematics to understand and enjoy the subject of mathematics, a subject that is both a science and an art. It is a language like many other languages but it is far more capable of expressing the complexity of the working of nature and society than any other language can do. Mathematics is also a language of computers and a language which is better understood through computers and other representations of geometry. So join us to be exposed to mathematics in all its glory and also learn how it can be used in real life to solve real problems of nature and life. 

Dean's Message

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