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Dean's Message

Dr. Sushil Kulkarni
Nilkamal School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics & Analytics

Welcome to the Nilkamal School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Analytics. Emerging out of the recent restructuring exercise initiated by the NMIMS University, the School is perhaps the youngest among the Schools in the University. I am sure, our journey is going to be exciting and enriching for the students and the faculty. We are hoping to experience an invigorating renewal of intellectual bondage between Mathematics, one of the oldest branch of Science, and Statistics, one of the youngest twentieth century discipline of Science.

The new age scientific and technological innovations have brought Mathematical Sciences to be at the center stage. Mathematical Sciences, which solve problems on the basis of logic and scientific approach, are highly required in our modern society which is increasingly becoming more and more complex and globalized. Interestingly, both Mathematics and Statistics are much sought after disciplines of study and well positioned to be useful in solving many of the theoretical problems that have end user applications in society. In the modern days the potent combination of Mathematics and Statistics is seen as the driver of philosophy, that is "knowledge creation, development, and transmission for the good of society”. There is no second opinion that education is an investment, and the School wants to make sure your investment is rewarded.

Our approach to education, from our rigorous but hands-on academic curriculum to the unique opportunities that we provide to our students, allows you to put classroom instructions to work in the real world. This approach is geared towards ensuring you earn the degree and skills that will make you an asset to future employers and prepares you for a rewarding career.

The NSOMASA provides access to many valuable resources. Our teaching faculties are accomplished mathematicians, statisticians and engineers in the field, and many bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. The students will have plenty of time to get to know the professors and seek their advice both inside and out of the class. We have in place student mentoring system which ensures sustainable personal interest in each individual’s success.

The achievement indicators of the programmes offered by NSOMASA are on the rise. These include increases in undergraduate enrollment, accomplishments in research, and recognition of NSOMASA’s excellence through student scholarship awards and placements. The departments within the school bring class instructions to life through research treatise course, capstone projects and industry internships.

In the current decade, Computational Mathematics, Data Science, Model based Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have been receiving a phenomenal traction both in academia and the industry. There is a huge potential in terms of formal career opportunities in these disciplines. The industries are keen on recruiting under-graduates and post-graduates with qualifications in Applied Mathematics and Statistics as the core members of Data Science and Business Analytics Team. All our programmes are in line with the NMIMS’ (Deemed to be University) priority strategy to design and deliver programmes that cater to market requirements. Strategically, the University aims to play a special role in enhancing the employability of young Indians and helping the economy acquire a competitive edge.

I look forward to supporting our aspiring students, and call upon them to continue to learn, discover, and contribute to solving the most challenging problems. I encourage you to explore your creative thinking during your journey with us.

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