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Salient features of the school

• Mathematics is a language, sublime in its precision and vocabulary.
We will focus on teaching mathematics purely as a language in the first two years.
• In the final year, the students will study mathematics as it is used in other fields.
• It emphasizes visualising mathematical ideas using computers as an integral part of education.
• Computers are to be used as:
     • the medium for visualising various mathematical ideas.
     • to instruct the machines through programming to achieve the desired objectives.
• Our classrooms will be completely computer-centric.

• The teaching methodology would include:
    • lectures, demonstrations and teacher interactions,
    • appropriate software for demonstration of mathematical ideas,
• Short mathematics videos, etc., highlighting various aspects of mathematics.
• The emphasis will be on explaining the concepts and the insights they provide.
• The students will also be exposed to some aspects of humanities focused on their personal development.
• The student will be awarded the degree of BSc Mathematics with the specific area of specialisation as additional information.
• The first batch of students will begin their studies in July 2019.