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  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3* Semester 4* Semester 5* Semester 6*
Core courses   
(4 credit points)
Elementary Calculus Ordinary differential equations  Complex Analysis   Topology and geometry Multivariate Statistics  Project by students based on their choice of subject in semester 5 (22).
Linear Algebra Real Analysis  Graph theory  Functional Analysis  Fourier analysis 
Elementary number theory Discrete mathematics  Topology of Metric Spaces  Vector Analysis Multivariate Analysis
Basics of programming Theory of Optimisation  Partial Differential equations  Measure Theory  Courses of choice. Students will choose a field of learning and they will be trained in how mathematics is used in the field with 8 credit points
Numerical Methods Elementary Probability  Abstract Algebra Stochastic Processes 
Short courses
(1 credit point)
Research Writing and Communication Skills   History of Indian mathematics  History of world mathematics   Logic of mathematics     
Personal and people management  Environmental Sciences  Literature  Presentation techniques     
Total credits 22 22 22 22 20 22
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