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Faculty profile

Mayank Vahia


• Mayank Vahia is the Dean of School of Mathematical Sciences.

• He was at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for almost 40 years.

• His area of expertise is astronomy, astrophysics, history of astronomy and issues related to science and society.

• He was the National Coordinator of the Indian Astronomy Olympiad Programme

• He has spent extended period in research in several countries.

• He completed his PhD in 1984.

Pramod Kumar Das


• Pramod has submitted his thesis for Ph.D. in Mathematics titled “Variants of Shadowing and Expansivity for Dynamical Systems on Uniform Spaces”. at the University of Delhi, in February 2019. His supervisor was Prof. Tarun Kumar Das.

• He completed his M.Sc. Mathematics in 2013 from IIT Bombay. And obtained the degree of B. Sc. in Mathematics from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2011.

• He was a DST INSPIRE Scholar during B.Sc. & M.Sc. and also received DST INSPIRE Fellowship to pursue his Ph.D.

• He will be teaching Elementary Calculus in the first semester.
• He likes to sing and can play harmonium as a hobby.

Nilima Das


• Nilima Das has submitted her Ph.D. thesis in mathematics from IIT Kharagpur, in April 2019. Her guide was Prof. Jitendra Kumar and the title of her thesis was “Mathematical and Numerical Results of Population Balances in Particulate Process”.

• She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Jadavpur University, in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

• She had received Germany’s DAAD Fellowship to spend 14 months for research in University of Hamburg, Germany during 2017-2018.

• She will be teaching Numerical Methods and Basics of Programming Languages in the first semester.

• She has learnt Bharatanatyam Dancing and she gives public recitals. She has learnt to play the Piano while in Germany which she enjoys very much.

Shuchita Goyal


• Shuchita obtained her Doctorate from IIT Bombay.

• Her thesis was titled “Homotopy Theory of Graphs” in 2018. Her doctoral research done under the supervision of Prof. Rekha Santhanam. Her interests are in Topology    and Combinatorics.

• She completed her Masters’ from IIT Guwahati specialised in Mathematics and Computing.

• She will be teaching Discrete Mathematics in the first semester.

• Other than Mathematics, she enjoy activities like acting, dancing, Zumba,  playing Frisbee, badminton etc.

Priyabrata Bag


• Ph. D., IIT Bombay, June 2018. Since then he is a Executive Teaching Assistant at IIT (Dharwad).

• He did his Ph. D. in “Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Error Correcting Codes, and Operator Theory”.

• He did his Masters from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan

• He will be teaching Linear Algebra and Elementary Number Theory. He likes to sing and can play harmonium as a hobby.

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